Access to healthcare is the key focus for us and our network and regulatory partners. With Quest Enterprise Services, we’ve evolved the dynamics of measuring it.

Quest Enterprise Services now represents the industry standard for measuring provider network access.

In the early days of managed healthcare, network coverage was measured by matching zip codes of members to zip codes of providers. Then, as software tools started to evolve, zip code matching gave way to measuring distances between members and general groupings of providers, such as PCPs, specialists and hospitals. Now, the market demands a more sophisticated solution capable of measuring access to individual provider specialties with dynamic access standards that can vary by specialty, zip code, county classification and more.

We continue to evolve our solutions and services to meet the demands of today while building for the challenges to come. With Quest Enterprise Services, you can measure member access to care through:

Access Services

  • Accessibility Reports

  • Time and Distance Calculations

  • RFP Responses

  • Quality

  • Member, Provider and Thematic Mapping

Disruption Services

  • Provider Matching

  • Claims Weighting

  • Disruption Reporting

Geocoding Services

  • Street-level Geocoding

  • Zip Code Distributive Geocoding

  • True County Assignment

  • Congressional District Assignment

All fully integrated to facilitate cross-module functionality such as factoring quality into your access analyses and measuring the access component of any network adequacy analysis.